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 Satori card

We have transformed selected messages from the book "Crystals of Truth" into cards, adorned with beautiful illustrations. These cards resonate deeply just by looking at them, delivering messages that you need most. Whether you feel confined in your mind, or simply feel drawn to them, these cards provide timely insights—be it before bedtime or upon waking. How you use them is up to you. Enjoy the journey of discovery with these profound words at your fingertips.

The cards come in a set of 44. The gallery below shows the front and back of the box, as well as some sample cards.

 Satori card
 Satori card 2

Please contact us via the form below to make a purchase. We also ship internationally. After you fill out the form, we will email you the details of the process.

  • Price: ¥4,000 + tax per item

  • Shipping Fees:

    • Domestic (Japan): Smart Letter ¥180 (incl. tax, up to 2 items), Letter Pack ¥370 (incl. tax, up to 4 items)

    • International: Delivered via Japan Post's Small Packs

* The above prices are listed in Japanese yen.

* For international shipping, the amount payable may vary depending on exchange rates and the number of items. We will provide detailed information via email after you contact us through the order form.

​Order Form

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