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Shigehiro Kitajima; Raphael Works

I am sure those who have found this page are getting close to becoming aware of the Source (Satori).

When I was a child, my mother bought me two comic books, 'Shakyamuni Buddha' and 'The Six Realms of Reincarnation', as souvenirs at Zenkoji Temple. That was the event that led me to the world of inquiry. 
Then, when I was in the third grade of elementary school, I thought about seriously, 'Who am I?'. Later, I grew up to be a junior high school and high school student while feeling a sense of irrationality that did not satisfy me.
Of course, I had more anxiety and fear about the future than others at that time. I had a lot of pride and thought that if I didn't work hard, I would never achieve anything! 
When I entered university, the door to the spiritual world began to open for me. I read many books and went to various new religions, sometimes even practicing severe asceticism such as Tibetan esoteric Buddhism (I also had mystical experiences), but I could not find an answer that satisfied me. 

When I was over 35 years old (probably around 36-37), I vaguely recalled flying in my childhood. I jumped from the top of the 90-degree winding stairs, flew in the air slowly, and landed quietly.

'No way!' I thought. Since my memory was not clear, I had Gary Bonnell read the Akashic Records (past data) in 2010. According to his reading, I had been flying in the air in a past life.

Later, during my training, I had blissful states of being surrounded by light, and my consciousness even got out of my body and went to multiple dimensions, which I believe was the result of training in my past life.

However,  even though I could do such things, I never found the answer (the Source) I was seeking for.

If I had been more honest with my inquiry back in the third grade, I might have found the answer!

Who am I ? ...

Now I understand that I wanted to remember my true self before forgetting my true self completely. Generally speaking, as people get older, they tend to forget who they really are.

Now I know that it was not that time when I realized my true self.

I wasn't supposed to be able to realize satori then.

That was because I programmed so. Later I clearly understood that.

Then, after I turned 40, I came to see vaguely what the truth is. 
Since I had no one to teach me, I relied on books and kept reading.
I still vividly remember that one day I read a book by Sathya Sai Baba and was so impressed to realize that everything exists in the world of Oneness (the principle of Oneness) and that everything in life is programmed.
Also at that time, when I told others that everything is a drama, everything in this world operates according to the program, and all people are free, to begin with!, I was called a 'fatalist'. And it seemed that I was isolated because I did not reach an agreement with others.
But then I read books by Ramana Maharishi, Papaji, Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Bonnell, Leonard Jacobson, and others to find out that the state of my consciousness is true and what I realized was right. 
Then, when I was almost 50 years old, various things unraveled (became easier), and the world I am in now (the dualistic world) and the universe merged and became one.
I came to the realization that only 'this moment' is the truth (or rather, realizing the truth would be a better expression). To use a movie analogy, the current situation (life) that I see now is an image projected by the mind (as per my program in this life), and I am the screen (the Source). I understood that nothing affected me.


I realized Satori.
Nothing has been missing.
Everything is perfect, to begin with.
It's impossible to describe, but in the world, there was only light, with no self or others!
The drama has already been completed …
I just see the images being replayed every day.
So I just enjoy the rest of my life surrendering to the program!
I am sure that many of us will find ourselves during the coming Ascension period.
We are all the same runners.
There is no teacher or student!
Let's realize our true selves together.


Shigehiro Kitajima
Last Satsang in Bari
Yin-Yang on sands

My Story

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I'm a Satori Navigator who conducts Satsangs and private sessions.  I also publish teachings of the Truth as a book.

Currently, Satsangs are held online via YouTube once a month for Japanese.

I was born in Kita-ku, Tokyo in 1957. After graduating from Nihon University College of Art in 1979, earning a degree in Photography, he worked for several different jewelry manufacturers and established the jewelry planning and sales company ‘Sincerite’ in 2000.

At the same time, I also worked as a professional magician "SIN Ki ROU".

Now I have 55 years of experience in the practice.

(Original magic videos are available on Youtube).

SIN Ki ROU YouTube channel


In August 2002, he was awakened.

In June 2007, his awakening stabilized completely.

In February 2011, he established Raphael Works.

In February 2012, Nasu Ashram was completed.

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Crystal of Truth series is available on Amazon.
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